#########Travel in Iceland and adventures in Iceland can be as varied as you can imagine. We can help you choose the most fitting tour for you and yours. You might get some good ideas starting here.
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This list is for "High Season" Iceland. Some pages haven't yet been updated to 2017
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Fall, Winter, Spring Northern Lights Tours

Small Group &
Escorted Touring
Here's Adventure travel!
The Viking Challenge
A Multi-Activity Tour
Do-It-All See-it-all
Iceland Adventure travel
Stopovers in Iceland
Reykjavik City Break
Driving tours
for the independent traveler
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Horse Back Riding Tours in Iceland
Who Are We, and Why Are We Doing this?
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Slightly Active

Guided touring
Being driven from site to site; see the sights with someone who can tell you all about them

Your own car, or 4x4, and a clear itinerary with choices for each day outlined
Horse Back Riding
Introductory level riding in some great landscapes
Somewhat Active Driving with Activiiies and Hiking
There are lots of options that can be explored on your own, with your own transportation and accommodations
Short rides into the wilderness with some choices of accommodations
Very Active Active Adventure
A great variety, both in landscapes and your method of travel through them. No great skill is demanded, just willingness and some physical effort
Long Horse Tours
An ancient tradition of riding across huge expanses on willing and responsive horses. Driving a loose herd of remounts is part of most of these tours

Hike and Bike
Here's a tour that lets you power yourself into some great areas.

You can drive to some great hiking areas, and, in the summer with its long days you can hike 24 hours a day!
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