Iceland's varied landscapes and its unique beauty beckon travelers and adventure-travelers to experience Iceland's fjords, its glaciers, its rivers, its horses, its people and its fascinating Northern light.Adventurers will find plenty of activities for their adreniline rushes.
Iceland is not far away (around 5 hours from Boston), but it mixes this ease of access with many chances to see and experience the exotic and unusual.

Iceland Adventure travel

Adventure travel - riding Icelandic horses into the wilderness.Iceland travel.
Travel in Iceland is always adventure travel

Click on a Red Spot on the Map to see pictures from that area. (Just as reference for Americans: Iceland is about the size of Ohio. It has a lot more beaches.)

This Map Page has a Map and an Index of photos and subjects that can guide you. The other choice might be this page with a simple chart listing activity levels for our various tours.
Here's Adventure travel!
The Viking Challenge
A Multi-Activity Tour
Do-It-All See-it-all
Iceland Adventure travel
Small Group &
Escorted Touring;
Driving tours
for the independent traveler
Horse Back Riding Tours in Iceland
Stopovers in Iceland
Who Are We, and Why Are We Doing this?
Reykjavik City Break

Too Much Info?? Here's a simple chart to help you explore Iceland's possibilities

Here are some Descriptions and Tour Packages
The Icelandic horse, or Icelandic pony is a gaited horse well suited for riding vacations or riding holidays.
Iceland has its own horse. The Icelandic Horse originated when the Vikings brought some of their best horses to the island and then, 1,000 years ago, made importation of any more horses against the law. Small, personable and almost unbelievably tough, these animals have been a vital part of Iceland and its culture for centuries

Some video clips from a ride with friends

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Iceland Adventure travel

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