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We still place a high value on clients who come to us via the web even though we've matured past a major web prescence.

Many things about Iceland never change....but we have. Using 19 years of personal experience of traveling in, and taking and sending travelers to Iceland and Greenland and focusing on giving the best value and experiences to our clients have led to our growth. While we spend more and more time serving the discriminating Travel Agencies who've found us and use us, we're still here for the individual or travel group. We're not "everything Iceland" or offering to beat the cheapest price. We're still focused on supplying the best value and experiences for our clients.

As we concentrate on the trade and a surprising number of repeat clients we are listing only a few of our offerings on the web. We have plenty more ideas, just give a call or email. Or, you could scan our PDF listings for something that looks interesting.

PLEASE BE ADVISED that tours are being booked heavily for 2015. Email or call with dates you want and we'll ascertain the availability. We can hold dates, with no charge or obligation, for a short while.

Adventure in Iceland, Icelandic horse treks, Escorted tours in Iceland,Driving rental cars in Iceland Iceland driving tours Escorted touring in Iceland Iceland horse riding treks Exploring Greenland multi-activity tours We just got all the details worked for a repeat (with a few embellishments) of the very well received
Northern Lights Tours.

Iceland Adventure travel can be as simple (and as comfortable) as being driven around by a professional guide to see things you've never seen before. Or renting a car and driving with your family. Or you could help drive a herd of loose horses through the wilderness for hundreds of miles.

We have done all of these things ourselves, as business research for our clients (OK, and for our own FUN).

Iceland has some unique aspects and you should ask anyone advising you on travel to Iceland how often and how many times they've traveled there themselves.

  • Look at our tours (with airfare included) for -
  • - Savings
  • - Service
  • - Convenience
  • Loads of Fun!
  • Look over this site for information on things that we've found to do and see in Iceland.
  • This website has a lot of pictures and much background information

We can easily modify most of our itineraries to accommodate your interests. Or even add some time in mainland Europe

*About our service: If you email or call us you'll deal with someone who can help you understand your choices for exploring Iceland.  (...And between us we have spent hundreds of days in Iceland over the last 16 years).

When we started this Iceland travel business we did not want to run it with "Clerks-on-Phone-Lines" We were both self-employed in service oriented businesses and decided to base this business on personal service.

We've found the most reliable, interesting and devoted people in Iceland to serve our clients. Many of them are friends of ours now, and we mix social and business visits here and in Iceland. A few years ago we looked at a lot of other countries to expand into. Instead we've gotten deeper into Iceland (and a bit of their neighbor, Greenland)

*This website has lots of photos taken around Iceland, (vacation snapshots mostly, though some of our guest photos are amazing!), and some written pieces. There are many ways to travel around Iceland, and some of the places we show here could be reached easily by auto, bus or walking. We think that the Icelandic horse is the best way to travel through this unique land, but when we go to Iceland we go as travelers using all modes of travel, and we go to check out the activities, guides and outfitters (and maybe, have a little bit of fun). We've ended up with a pretty good idea of what there is to do and how to go about getting there and doing it! Iceland is accessible to almost anyone in moderately good health and with a sense of adventure who wants to see an incredible and unspoiled land of outstanding beauty.

*Extras -Prices -Value
If you're looking closely at prices please look closely at just what is included in a tour. Many of our tours include an extra night or a hotel upgrade, and almost all include air to Iceland and ground transfers (tours starting from Akureyri in the north usually include air to Akureyri).. We have set up our business to offer service and value to our clients.

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