Holly1994 - Holly takes her first group riding in Iceland.

In the photo above Holly is riding through the valley Kollbiensdalur on the northern peninsula of Iceland. It is the summer pasture for over 1000 mares and foals. Several of the herds rode up to us and escortrd us for a few minutes each time and then pealed off. We had to be careful that the individual horses in our herd of about 35 remounts and the herds that over-summer here did not intermingle and ride off with the wrong herd.

Who is Iceland Adventure/Horses North?

We have gradually grown to be doing more custom tours for families and small groups. But we've built very good ties with outstanding individual guides and larger tour companies that we've seen give our clients exemplary attention and experiences.
Iceland Adventure and Horses North were set up as businesses that would deliver services to our client. Sales and marketing are neccesary elements but we treat them as secondary. Referrals and repeat business have brought us to the point that we can now put most of our time and energy into services to our clients and the relationships with our Icelandic partners.

You are more than welcome to look through these web pages for information on Iceland. Some of this material goes back to our beginnings and is more than 20 years old and is more history than current advice

Send an email or phone us and you will get the consistently high level of attention and service we've delivered for decades.

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